Wait For It, Its Worthy

Wait for someone who feels breathless whenever they see you. Someone who will look at you as if you’re the most gorgeous person they have ever come across. Someone who will think it’s a dream come true every time they spend time with you. Someone who could not survive being far away from you. Someone […]

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I Really Do Like You !!!!

I was never good at communicating my feelings. Sometimes, I just find myself in articles that I read online and be like “thank you for putting how I feel into words.” I have always imagined how I’m going to let you know of my feelings but I guess this is the best way I can […]

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Breath in breath out

On the bad days when you wish you could hide away in your bed and never return. This is for you on the days when the clouds block any glimpse of sunlight, when the shadows paint the world around you. This is for you on the days when nothing feels right…when you’re drowning in helplessness, […]

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Why should a relationship mean settling down? Wait out for someone who won’t let life escape you, who will challenge you and drive you toward your dreams. Someone spontaneous you can get lost in the world with. A relationship, with the right person, is a release not restriction It should go without saying but this […]

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When love stays something inside of you stops fighting, it lays down its arms, it finally rests. When love stays, your heart stops holding its breath, it lets out all doubt, all confusion, all of the heaviness that surrounded its need to guard and defend and dismiss anything that came close to holding it. When […]

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Shadow of You

I wish you were here. I wish I could feel the warmth of your body against mine, embracing me, kissing me, loving me. I wish you could hold me, enveloping me in your strong arms as you whisper my name. I wish you were here to soothe me through my storms. I wish you were here to guide […]

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It’s 2pm

It’s 2 p.m. and I am sitting in the office. I am surrounded by people, but I feel alone. As I stare at my computer screen and drift into a daze I get flashes of flashbacks. I am holding a pencil and my hand is pressed against the metal notebook spirals. The pencil slips from […]

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Date Someone Who…

Date someone you can be goofy with. Someone who can embrace your silliness, someone who joins you in your absurdity and someone who doesn’t ask you to act in a certain way or speak in a certain manner so you can attract them. Date someone who is impressed by originality, by authenticity and by how real you […]

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When A Introvert Picks You

Introverts start by admiring someone from afar. They will silently watch their crush for weeks or even months before actually initiating a conversation. They’re spending all of their time trying to determine whether or not that person would be worth the risk — because introverts hate wasting their time. They hate opening up to someone […]

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Life is Not About Planning

When you close your eyes and look back, did you see yourself here? Did you imagine you’d have this job, these friends, and this apartment? Did you picture yourself with the same lover, with a future person, with some sort of relationship that was messy, or absolutely perfect and secure? Chances are, you saw your […]

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I call it living in almost.

Here is a place in which most accomplished-but-still-self-doubting people frequently exist. It’s a creeping place, the kind that gnaws at you and refuses to let you forget that you are not there. It’s the land of the people who are successful but aren’t quite sure how, who feel like they lucked into something they actually […]

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