Wait For It, Its Worthy

Wait for someone who feels breathless whenever they see you. Someone who will look at you as if you’re the most gorgeous person they have ever come across. Someone who will think it’s a dream come true every time they spend time with you. Someone who could not survive being far away from you. Someone […]

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I Really Do Like You !!!!

I was never good at communicating my feelings. Sometimes, I just find myself in articles that I read online and be like “thank you for putting how I feel into words.” I have always imagined how I’m going to let you know of my feelings but I guess this is the best way I can […]

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When A Introvert Picks You

Introverts start by admiring someone from afar. They will silently watch their crush for weeks or even months before actually initiating a conversation. They’re spending all of their time trying to determine whether or not that person would be worth the risk — because introverts hate wasting their time. They hate opening up to someone […]

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Life is Not About Planning

When you close your eyes and look back, did you see yourself here? Did you imagine you’d have this job, these friends, and this apartment? Did you picture yourself with the same lover, with a future person, with some sort of relationship that was messy, or absolutely perfect and secure? Chances are, you saw your […]

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I call it living in almost.

Here is a place in which most accomplished-but-still-self-doubting people frequently exist. It’s a creeping place, the kind that gnaws at you and refuses to let you forget that you are not there. It’s the land of the people who are successful but aren’t quite sure how, who feel like they lucked into something they actually […]

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I am being different

We are the generation of social media updates and ignored calls. The generation of Instagram likes and the perceived validation they bring. Of precisely timed text messages so that we do not appear too anxious. And I am tired of it all. Guys are not supposed to care if they get ghosted. They’re not supposed […]

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Learning About Love

I’m slowly learning that love is unmeasurable. Love is universal because it’s the mother of all languages. Love is endless because it defeats distance. Love is timeless because it’s still. Love is beautiful because it’s in the eye of the beholder. Love is medicine because it heals. Love has no depth because it lives inside of […]

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Don’t give up!

Falling in love with someone who loves you in return might be the pinnacle of the human social experience. That’s what we’re all striving for. We all yearn to be loved in the way that we think we deserve to be. We all look for that special kind of love that just brings out the […]

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